1. Give a special Lenten setting and flavour to your morning and night prayers.
  2. Attend Holy Mass and receive Holy Communion each day of Lent if possible.
  3. Enter upon each day’s work in the same spirit of obedience to God with which Christ entered upon His passion.
  4. Make every meal you take during Lent a reminder of the fast and abstinence by which the Church asks and commands you to share in the suffering of Christ for your sins.
  5. Set aside each day some time for making the way of the Cross or for meditating upon the Passion of
    Our Lord.
  6. Be especially prepared during Lent, to accept and use every temptation that assails you as an occasion
    for declaring yourself on the side of Christ and dedicated to His love forever.
  7. Lessen the influence of worldliness and secularism upon your soul by turning way, at least for certain periods the voice of its spokesmen the newspapers, magazines, radio and television.
  8. Manifest your realization that as a Catholic, you belong to the mystical body of Christ and are therefore united in a bond of life and love with other Catholics by attending as many Lenten devotions as possible.
  9. Resolve that during the forty days of Lent, you will learn something about your Catholic religion that you did not know before, by regular spiritual reading and study.
  10. Make a point of practising some special form of charity towards others in need during Lent.